Meet Your Match Feline-ality Adoption Program

a program of the ASPCA®

Just like people, cats have their own personality – or “feline-ality” and we want every person who comes to Woods Humane Society to find their ideal match.

To this end, Woods Humane Society has implemented the Feline-ality Program to further increase the potential for successful, permanent placements for the agency’s adopted cats.

Feline-ality uses detailed research-based surveys and behavior assessments, both for cats and potential adopters, to make the best matches possible between the two.  The cat assessment reliably predicts, based on their feline-ality, how an individual cat is likely to behave in a new home. 

By completing a quick survey, adopters can match their characteristics, preferences and lifestyle with specific feline-alities.  Adopters can then look for the cats most likely to be a good fit for their household.

Every cat at Woods has undergone a thorough assessment and been placed in one of three main categories.   Each category is associated with a color:  green, orange, or purple and each cat will wear a collar that identifies his or her category.  

Each category has three subcategories.  For example, a cat with a green color-coded description could be a “Party Animal”, “MVP” or “Leader of the Band.”  Green cats are savvy, unflappable and adventurous.

A cat with an orange classification makes a great companion kitty, and could be a “Sidekick,” “Executive” or “Personal Assistant.”

A cat with a purple classification could be a “Secret Admirer,” “Love Bug” or “Private Investigator ”  and is one that seeks affection, is quiet and stays out of trouble.

Click here for a more detailed explanation of each category.

Thanks for considering adopting a shelter cat – we have some fabulous felines for you to meet! 

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