Pets for Vets
and Active Military Families

Veterans and active-duty military members and their families give so much to our nation.  Woods Humane Society is doing a little something to give back.  Pets for Vets, a fee-waived adoption program, is our way of supporting veterans and military families while providing a second chance for shelter pets.

The program is simple.  If you'd like to add a furry companion to your life: 

  1. Come to Woods Humane Society, 875 Oklahoma Avenue, San Luis Obispo, CA; or 2300 Ramona Road, Atascadero, CA
  2. Spend time getting to know our cats or dogs and find the perfect match - you can also see who's at Woods right now by clicking here;
  3. Let our adoption counselor know that you are a veteran or that you or a member of your immediate family are currently serving in the military and they will waive the adoption fees.


Opening Homes and Hearts to Homeless Pets
in San Luis Obispo County since 1955.