Registered Veterinary Technician

JOB TITLE: Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT)

SUPERVISOR:  Medical Department Manager

STATUS: Full-time, multiple locations (San Luis Obispo and Atascadero). Eligible to participate in medical, dental, vision programs after satisfactorily completing 90 day introductory period. PTO accrual after 90 days.

The Woods Humane Society team thrives on bestowing all patrons with top-notch customer service, all animals with the best possible care our resources permit; we approach each and every animal and person with compassion and understanding; we perform daily in an effective and efficient manner and strive to provide a pleasurable work environment rich in practical learning and team work.


• Registered in the state of California as a Registered Veterinary Technician
• Minimum of one year experience in a high paced veterinary clinic or shelter setting
• Experience and proficiency with high-volume spay/neuter operation is preferable
• Desire to obtain skills in high-volume spay/neuter setting desirable
• Strong oral/written communication skills and desire to collaborate with staff, volunteers and the public in a consistently professional and educational manner
• Strong interpersonal, organizational and motivational skills and ability to work well in a fast-paced environment, handle multiple tasks at one time maintaining energy through often-times repetitive tasks and under stressful conditions
• Self-motivated and detail oriented
• Demonstrate cooperative behavior with supervisor, colleagues, veterinarians, and representatives from outside organizations
• Personal commitment to animal welfare


Fast paced work environment with possible exposure to infectious organisms, animal waste, chemical materials requiring OSHA Material Safety Data sheets and potential hostile persons and/or vicious animals.


Ability to lift and carry fifty pounds for 100 feet; withstand long periods on their feet; bend and reach; control dogs on a leash; appropriately restrain cats and dogs; work with a variety of animals and cleaning agents; operate standard office equipment

5 day work week; 8am-5pm; either Tuesday-Saturday or Sunday-Thursday pending needs of department


Working within the guidelines set forth by the California Veterinary Medical Board, the RVT shall be responsible for the following duties:

Surgical Assistance and Nursing

• Primary duty will be leading the surgical team in our high quality/high volume spay and neuter clinic
• Safely and properly operate anesthetic machines, monitors, heating devices, and other surgical equipment
• Provide assistance to veterinarians as needed
• Accurately calculate and safely administer all pre-anesthetic and induction medications to patients as outlined in Woods Humane Society's anesthetic protocol
• Intubate patients when appropriate and prepare patients for surgery
• Maintain appropriate anesthetic depth, accurately monitoring patients vital signs during surgery
• Assist in maintenance of proper asepsis and sterility in preparation for and during surgery
• Provide post-operative care for animals, including: monitoring, ensuring patient comfort and hygiene, warming patients, providing pain control when necessary, and return patients to their assigned location when ready
• Respond quickly and efficiently to emergencies
• Perform nursing tasks, including but not limited to: administering medications and/or supportive fluids, performing basic exams, collecting blood and urine, cleaning ears and wounds, applying external parasite control, clipping nails, microchipping, and vaccinating
• Provide supervision and guidance to surgical assistants and volunteers as necessary
• Perform dental evaluations, cleaning, radiography and extractions when  necessary
• Ensure patients are treated in a humane manner that minimizes stress
• Safely use equipment for fractious or feral patients
• Maintain clean and sanitary patient living quarters, including cage banks, carriers, and traps
• Inform veterinarian of any abnormal behavior, illness, disease and/or injury, particularly prior to surgery


• Represent the medical department in daily shelter rounds
• Coordinate/communicate closely with Woods’ staff regarding the medical status of animals and their movement from intake to adoption floor
• Coordinate  daily preparation for all spay/neuter and other surgical procedures 
• Minimum of twice daily retrieval of messages from Vet Hotline
• Follow up with post-adoption medical concerns; schedule appointments as necessary in coordination of Medical Manager
• Schedule Surgery Volunteers as assigned by Medical Manager
• Assist Medical Manager in maintaining appropriate inventory
• Admit and discharge patients from and to various welfare organizations and private clients

Record Keeping

• Accurately maintain all drug logs in accordance with DEA standards
• Accurately and neatly record all necessary and required information related to any veterinary procedures performed as per Woods Humane Society's policies
• Maintain organization of patient files and surgical forms
• Assist veterinarians in completing additional documentation and forms
• Accurately maintain records in Shelter Buddy
• Ensure all incoming patients, their records, and kennels/cages are labeled in accordance with Woods Humane Society's policies

Other Duties

• Maintain a clean and sanitary clinic work area and equipment, including surgery instruments and drapes
• Reset surgery packs and drapes, properly folding and sterilizing
• Perform laundry duties including: washing, drying, folding, and storage of surgery related laundry
• Re-stock and organizing supplies in surgery laundry, pre- and post-op areas
• Participate on committees and special projects as assigned
• Carry out other duties as assigned by the Director of Veterinary Services

Timeliness and Teamwork

• Arrive on time and properly prepared for work
• Demonstrate a positive, team-orientated attitude and communicate in a respectful manner
• Take an active role in learning and sharing veterinary technician skills; assist with staff training as time allows.

Veterinary Assistance

• Print out Daily Vet Reminder report and triage medical needs of animals; coordinate with veterinarian on duty for needed examinations and procedures
• Inform Staff Veterinarian of any abnormal behavior, illness, disease and/or injury
• Ensure animals are current on their routine treatments per shelter protocols
• Initiate medical treatment per established Shelter Medicine Protocols as established under the direction of the veterinarian on duty or Director of Veterinary Services
• Coordinate with Intake/Rescue Team to ensure proper intake procedures are administered to every animal
• Coordinate and assist in screening animals for medical concerns at intake, especially at times of incoming transports
• Educate/communicate Woods’ staff about certain medical cases/situations
• Ensure that animals under medical care are properly medicated
• Ensure all animals in a medical status are observed for: their overall condition, improvement or worsening trends, input/output, etc. 
• Consult with veterinarian on animals finishing medications regarding release from treatment
• Report observations and finishing medications in the morning rounds
• Fill any prescriptions needed
• Set up exam room for animals under vet care; assist with exams
• Obtain and prepare lab specimens for appropriate testing (in-house and to outsource lab)
• Give SQ, IM, and IV injections
• Perform euthanasia

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: Ability to lift and carry fifty pounds for 100 feet; withstand long periods on your feet; bend, reach, stoop, lift and other moderately strenuous activities; control dogs on a leash; appropriately and humanely restrain cats and dogs; work with a variety of animals and cleaning agents.

WORKING ENVIRONMENT: Fast paced work environment with possible exposure to infectious organisms, animal waste, chemical materials requiring OSHA Material Safety Data sheets and potential hostile persons and/or fractious animals.
Woods Humane Society does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age (over 40), sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, marital status, physical or mental disability, medical condition, genetic information, religion, (including, but not limited to, religious dress and grooming practices), family status, ancestry, citizenship, military and veteran status, filing of a workers’ compensation claim, or any other legally protected status. It is our intention that all applicants be given equal opportunity and that selection decisions are based on job related factors.
This job description explains and outlines qualifications and requirements specific to this position.  The job description may evolve over time including additions, deletions or further revisions as necessary.  Your employment as an RVT or in any other position at Woods Humane Society is at-will and is for no set term; either you or Woods Humane Society may terminate the employment relationship at any time. By signing below you indicate that you have a clear understanding of what is required, that you possess the necessary skills, that you have a commitment to follow through with the duties as outlined and that you are willing to accept changes to the job description as it evolves.

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