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An appointment is required to meet me. Please call (805) 543-9316 and dial 0 to leave a message. Woods staff will get back to you quickly to set up our 
Hi! My name is Shyla I'm one adorable, cheeky, and happy gal who is ready to find a loving home today that I think I'm more than deserving of. You'll notice I have some rough looking skin that shows I've been through rough times in my past, but I see the good times in my future! Don't let my skin shy you away because it's getting so much better since I've come to Woods to get the care I deserved and needed. I'm a total butterball who just wants love and attention from you humans. When I'm not getting love from you, I enjoy taking afternoon siestas. I have a dream of having a loving, warm home to relax in and a family that plays with me and gives me daily attention. I know the perfect fit is out there and I sure can't wait for you to make my dream a reality!

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