Pets as Gifts

Woods Holiday Delivery-

Have your loved ones been asking for a new furry friend? Are they ready to provide a loving, forever home? Woods Humane Society is proud to offer Holiday Delivery for any animal who is adopted December 21st – 23rd and arrange for our elves to deliver your new pet on Christmas morning. Deliveries will take place between 9 and 11 am and must be within 15 miles of Woods Humane Society. The hold/delivery fee is $75 in addition to the regular adoption fee. All adopted animals are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. Limited number of deliveries! Restrictions apply. Please speak to our Adoption Counselors at time of adoption for further information.

Also available for adoptions that take place between 12/20 and 12/24 is Christmas morning pickup. The hold/pickup fee is $50 in addition to the regular adoption fee. Christmas morning pickups will be scheduled between 9 and 10:30 am Christmas morning. Please note that the last pre-holiday adoption can take place at 2pm on December 24th.


Opening your heart and home to a shelter animal is an incredibly rewarding experience. With so many pets awaiting permanent homes, choosing to adopt, as opposed to purchasing a pet, is both kind and ethical. Woods Humane Society is here to help you find just the right match.

Please be mindful that adopting a pet is a big commitment. The animals at Woods are counting on us to find them families that will love them and care for them for the rest of their lives. To ensure a great match, it’s important to understand the adopter’s preferences, lifestyle, and ensure the new pet receives all of the attention, exercise, and care it needs. There are financial considerations as well. Pet owners must be able to cover the cost of food, supplies, and veterinary care for both routine and extraordinary expenses. With confidence that all parties are on board with this commitment, the Woods team will work with you to find the right pet.

Thank you for choosing Woods. Adoptions save lives.

Concerned about holiday adoptions?

Please click on the links below and learn how shelters nationwide are finding great homes for pets during the holidays. Research shows that pets given at gifts are at no greater risk of relinquishment to a shelter than animals acquired by other means.

Please see a recent study, conducted by the ASPCA, regarding Pets as Gifts

You can also view the complete research study HERE

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