Adopted Animals

Top 10 of 2020

Thanks to the support of our community, these animals are now happily "out of the Woods" and living their best lives in forever homes. It's hard to pick just 10, but these are some of our favorite adoption stories from 2020! For more news and updates from adopters, follow @WoodsHumaneSociety on Instagram and Facebook!


1. Captain

This video by The Dodo says it all!

2. Avalon









Avalon was a very sweet senior cat diagnosed with FIV+ in addition to other health issues. This boy was in and out of both Woods shelters for more than 3 years before getting adopted April 2020. His adopter says Avalon now enjoys cuddling with his tiny human and wearing festive cat sweaters!

3. Violet












Violet came to Woods as part of a transport of homeless animals from the Central Valley. She was very shy with humans and had a disorder called "cherry eye" which is a prolapsed gland that produces tears in the eye. Thanks to the donations and support of the community, she received a surgery to repair her eye and help her see her way to a forever home in August. Her adopter reports that shy Violet was "smiling" and hopping onto the bed in no time!  

4. Jade

Jade was a dog that came to Woods a number of times due to being an unstoppable escape artist, capable of jumping 6-foot-high fences. She was a sweetheart and became a staff favorite quickly. She was finally adopted by a family that keeps her so entertained, she finds no reason to escape anymore. Jade’s adopters report, “She’s a wonderful girl who loves and cares for us as much as we love and care for her. Merry Christmas!”


Simba & Stella

Simba and Stella were two feisty, undersocialized kittens that were having trouble getting adopted. After months at Woods, they started to open up to affection from people and found their forever home together in November 2020. Their adopters sent this update: “Thank you for all your work. Simba and Stella fill their owner’s lives with love and laughter every single day!” 


5. Mya

Mya was a 15-year-old cat who came to Woods after being abandoned in her home by her owners. The sweet senior was in dire need of dental and eye care, which she was able to get at Woods. After patiently waiting for weeks, Mya was adopted just after Christmas, and we were all thrilled to see her find a loving home before the year ended. 

6. Ghost

Ghost was a playful, happy, high-energy husky-mix who spent months looking for a family that could keep up with his zest for life. He became “insta-famous” with his “OurFriendlyGhost” Instagram account while at Woods, so we were thrilled to see his adopters keep the tradition alive by starting an account where we can keep up with all of this boy’s forever-home adventures! 

7. Scotty & Chester

When Scotty and Chester first came to Woods, we couldn't go anywhere near them. Severely undersocialized, they needed months of patient work with our staff to learn to trust people and to allow even the slightest touch. When they finally got adopted after a year of living at Woods, the whole Woods team celebrated! We recently heard that they're doing well and saw them cuddled by the Christmas tree in a little Christmas card message to the Woods team.

8. Mater Tater

Mater Tater was a tiny, fragile senior who stole everyone's heart when he came to Woods, weighing in at just 4 pounds, already 12 years old, and in need of some major dental work. He was adopted by a family that was just as in love with him as we were. They reported, "He's doing so well and even gained a little weight. He walks multiple times a day and spends the rest of the time in his new best friend's lap. We love him with all our hearts. We're so glad he's here."

9. Fifi

Fifi was a gorgeous kitty with an endearing "grumpy cat" face who showed us right away, in no uncertain terms, that she preferred to be the only cat in the home and the center of attention. When she found her match, the follow up photos and message showed us that this princess's fairtale dreams had come true. "She spends most of her days sunbathing on our deck and watching the birds fly by. She loves laying on my chest for cuddles and meows for wet food and treats every time I am in the kitchen! I am so thankful for all of you at Woods Humane Society for giving me the opportunity to meet Fifi and make her my best girl!" 

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