Community Service Projects

Help Woods Animals from Home &

Earn Community Service Hours!


Work toward community service hour requirements and help Woods Humane Society animals by doing an Independent Community Service Project.

Choose a project or activity from the list below, or propose an idea of your own.

Keep track of your hours as you work.

When your project is completed, please feel free to bring it to our San Luis Obispo location during open hours (12-6 p.m. daily). Our donation bin will be outside the front door. 

Please take a picture of your project or donation, or a photo of yourself with the items and email them to We'd love to give you a shout out on social media, with your permission!

If you need a form signed to confirm your service hours, please email


Independent Project & Activity Ideas

Fundraise for Woods! Earn service hours personalizing a page and sharing it out to friends and family! It's easy and makes a big impact for the animals! This is also a GREAT idea for those generous youth who wish to request donations in place of gifts as a birthday fundraiser! Learn More HERE.

Make braided fleece dog toys (or, even better, these square-knot fleece toys, similar to making a lanyard or a friendship bracelet).

Make these washable "Snuffle Mats." We use these to hide treats for dogs to snuffle out! These are excellent tools for dog enrichment and fun!  This video shows how to make a Snuffle Mat out of a hand towel and strips of fleece fabric. 

Make these Snuffle balls for dogs or cats! (similar, but a little easier than the above)

Host a Toy Drive or general Donation Drive to collect items from our Wish List.

Host a Bake Sale or other sale to raise money for Woods!

(From August-October each year) Create a Wiggle Waggle Walk Team to raise funds for Woods!

Build a Kitten "Udder Love" Feeder

Sew these re-usable cloth rice bags to help keep foster kittens warm!

Build these elevated PVC cat beds to make cats comfortable while staying in cat condos!

Make one of these approved dog or cat toys in our Pet Project Book of Ideas to donate to our Woods guests.

Have an idea of your own? Email to discuss your idea with our Humane Education Coordinator!



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