Surrendering a Pet

Before surrendering

Woods Humane Society recommends first trying to find a suitable home for your pet by spreading the word among friends, relatives and co-workers.  Give yourself a few weeks to place the animal in a good home, and never give away your pet to someone without screening the person carefully and asking for references.  Please do not give your pet away

"Free to a Good Home” as there are unscrupulous individuals who could harm your pet.  Asking a reasonable fee may help deter such people.

To ease this process, Woods Humane Society has partnered with and the Petco Foundation to make the process of rehoming your pet easier. Our Rehome program will give you the tools to help find a loving forever home for your pet.

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Bringing an Animal to Woods

At Woods Humane Society we understand that giving up a pet is one of the most difficult decisions we have to make and our trained staff and volunteers are here to help.  Whenever possible we encourage pet owners to explore all options before surrendering a pet.  Even the finest shelters are stressful environments for animals accustomed to living in a home.  Our staff is always available to counsel owners on ways to keep their pets in the home or, if possible, rehome them themselves.  However, we understand that is not always possible and take great pride in the quality of care we provide for our temporary guests at Woods Humane Society.

If you are unsure about what options are available for you, please call and speak with an Intake Coordinator in SLO at (805) 543-9316 x 29 or in Atascadero x 41.

Woods Humane Society is committed to ensuring the well-being of all animals in our care, and the people who want to adopt them, so we must carefully evaluate each animal who is brought to us.  We make every effort to accept dogs and cats that are of good health and temperament.  On a case-by-case basis Woods Humane Society staff, with approval from the Director of Shelter Medicine or Behavior and Training Manager, may accept dogs or cats in to the adoption program that have special needs either medically or behaviorally. 

With the ultimate goal of saving lives, Woods Humane Society strives to make adoption the number one choice for people looking to bring a dog or cat into their family.  We are able to serve the largest number of dogs by accepting and making available for adoption a wide-variety of dogs varying in size, age and breed.  When we have a large number of any one breed or type we may choose to establish a waiting list.

If surrender is your best option, please use the appropriate link below to submit an appointment request form. Please be sure to submit one request form per animal/litter. Our professionally trained staff will evaluate your individual animal’s needs and determine if Woods Humane Society is able to accept your dog or cat into our adoption program. Please be sure to answer all questions on the form. We cannot guarantee that incomplete forms will be processed. Once your appointment request has been processed, we will contact you regarding the surrender of your pet. If you have any difficulty with the following form submissions, please email our Intake Coordinator at to have forms sent to you.

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SLO location Cat / Kitten Surrender

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