Pet Pal of the Week


Well hi there! My name is Star and I shine bright! I have the cutest little face with an even cuter build. I'm like a little pocket pittie! I have a bright personality who enjoys being shown attention by people. I don't think I've met a hooman I haven't liked yet! There's something special about you people, but there's special qualities about me too. Let's start by telling you that I'm a low maintenance gal. All I want to do is be cuddled and loved on! I love cuddling and just taking it easy. That doesn't mean I'm a stick in the mud, nope, not at all! I get playful as well and when I do, I get all wiggly. Let me tell ya, it's cute! Not only am I a totally sweet little lady, but I'm house-trained as well and travel great in a car! I will gladly accompany you on car rides and let the wind blow in my face. Ahhh, that's the life! I really am a sweet dog that you will fall in love with in no time at all, so ask to meet me and see how great I am for yourself!

Star is 5 years old, spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.

Star’s Adopt a Pet Page is

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