Pet Pal of the Week

Dax & Teddy

This week's featured Pet Pal(s) are Dax & Teddy. Two "brothers from another mother" who would love to have a warm home with a cozy fire to nap next to this holiday season. Dax is an 7 year old Dachshund and Teddy is an 8 year old Miniature Poodle. They have lived together most of their lives and are best friends. As a result, their adoption fee is Buy One Get One and is only $65.

About Dax- Short, plump, adorable? Yeah, that basically describes me in a nutshell. I'm a little bit on the chunky side. When I sit down my whole body is basically on the ground. Yeah, I can't say that I'm entirely proud of that fact, but with you by my side, I know I'll be able to burn off the necessary chunkiness to get my healthy weight! It's my New Year's resolution to get back to my fit figure. Anyways, enough about my cute plumpness, I'll allow you to get to know me a bit now. I'm a pretty outgoing guy who enjoys being in the company of people. I love to have attention. I enjoy going for walks, hunting down lizards, burying exciting treasures that I find, and being with my adopted brother Teddy. I hate being away from him and I get quite heartsick without him by my side. Therefore, you should know that we are a package deal! We are bonded and we are looking for a home together where we will be showered with love and attention. We have a blast together and I just can't wait for us to find our forever home with a family to call our very own! Click Here for Dax's Adopt a Pet Page.

About Teddy- Greetings humans! My name is Teddy. I'm one happy fella that loves having attention. I'll be honest, when I'm ignored and alone, I let out little cries just asking for attention. Since I'm not about being alone and am very bonded to my adopted brother Dax, we are looking for a home together! Yup, we are two peas in a pod. I can tell you that we are two fun, little dogs that enjoy going for walks, playing in the yard, being with people, and accepting all the love in the world from people. Personally, I'm a great, little lap dog that would love nothing more than to snuggle up in your lap or on the couch right next to you. I'm an outgoing boy that will be happy to be with my family, and of course my brother Teddy! So, what do you think? Could your family be ours? I sure hope so! Click Here for Teddy's Adopt a Pet Page.


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